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The imp in Biddy's hair thinks she should be Biddy's best friend, but Biddy longs for a human best-friend. This problem isthe start of a whole string of consequences that get more and disastrous as the day wears on. And then...


Brigid Lucy sees a real life Princess Castle out the train window and Princess Rapunzel is trapped inside! Can Brigid Lucy and her invisible imp save the Princess? Brigid Lucy wants needs a best friend - Hardy Grant


When Brigid’s pet slug dies, her Dad promises to buy her a proper pet. But dad is allergic to nearly all animals and things just get worse when Biddy’s invisible imp tries to help.


Bush holiday is a story about learning to 'look after' country. For forty thousand years Indigenous Australians have come together in special places like Goose Billabong to ‘look after’ the land.

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Look see, look at me.
I'm so much bigger now I'm three.
I can run, I can jump, I can skip, I can bump...

From the acclaimed author and illustrator team comes a delightful celebration of outback family life in an Aboriginal community. With its exuberant rhyming text and wonderful illustrations, Look See, Look at Me perfectly captures a child's everyday life and will be wonderful for sharing with your toddler over and over again.


The Barrumbi Kids Honour book in the Children’s Book Council Younger Readers category and shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s award.

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Leaving Barrumbi Leaving Barrumbi, is an inspirational tale of the two boys’ friendship as they continue their journeys into adulthood.

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Spirit of Barrumbi

Shortlisted for the South Australian Premier's prize and a Notable book in Children's book Council awards.

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The Last Muster

The Last Muster is at once an exciting tale and an exploration of complex issues. There is plenty of action and suspense, wild horses, musters and getting lost, but The Last Muster is about much more. It shows the complexities of land rights and ownership of story.

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Croc Bait

Sean and his extended family are camped down at Black Bull Yard. Sean’s uncles and his dad go fishing every night, but Sean he’s too small to go with them. Sean wants to go hunting with the men more than anything.

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Crocodile Jack Jack's big brother tom has asked him to go fishing! But Jack knows you should never go fishing when there are crocs about...
You and Me

On the edge of  a north Australian city where the river and mangroves meet the sea, two young boys join Uncle Tobias for a long, languid day of fishing and hunting.

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Tropical Food Garden

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The Devil You Know

How can Damien keep himself and his mum safe now his father is coming home? Run? Fight? Hide?

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